DAB Communications appreciates the opportunity to present and recommend your Digital Signage. We are a proud partner of NEC, a world leader in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for over 120 years.  NEC is enabling new approaches in how Communications and IT services are delivered and managed so organizations can operate more safely and efficiently including delivering more engaging customer experiences.

DAB recommends an NEC Display Signage system as it comes complete with the Media player, Raspberry Pi compute module already installed as well as Screenly pre-loaded. Screenly is also partnered with NEC and the service is largely recommended for the simplicity of use, balance of features, and low cost of entry. Managing your content across your digital signs is easy with Screenly. Create playlists of different content types, and schedule content to run on individual or multiple digital signs. You can organize digital signs into groups and effortlessly control when and where Screenly displays your content. Screenly is a subscription service.

The onboard Media Player w/ CMS platform allows for clear, gapless playback of media files. The -MPi utilize the Raspberry Pi3+ compute module with a more powerful CPU. Run media files off of USB media, store files locally with 32GB of onboard storage, or load files over a local area network. 24/7 runtime with scheduling and content previews. The CMS platform allows the user to install a selected partners CMS software without having to image the SoC on your own.

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