Sound Masking Systems

In-Ceiling Sound Masking Sales & Installation

Sound masking is found in the “cover” portion of the ABCs of acoustics. Sound masking is the addition of an uniform background sound, similar to airflow or “pink noise”, to reduce the intelligibility of human speech. The resulting environment leads to increased privacy, improved worker performance, enhanced productivity and greater worker comfort. We specialize in sound masking sales and installation for offices and businesses. Qt Quiet Technology™ in-ceiling sound masking systems enhance privacy and reduce distractions in virtually any space from small offices to large, multi-floor buildings. Combined with integrated paging and music functionality, Qt systems are a complete 3-in-1 solution for creating better acoustic environments.

When someone’s conversation is clearly understood, the speech becomes a distraction and the individual speaking has less privacy. The Qt Quiet Technology sound masking system is designed to increase the room’s ambient sound, making the talker’s voice less intelligible. This reduces eavesdropping and increases privacy.

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Who Uses Sound Masking?

  • Houses of Worship
  • Law Enforcement
  • Libraries
  • Open Office Areas
  • Patient Rooms
  • Pharmacies
  • Courtrooms
  • Private Offices
  • Research Laboratories
  • Retail Banks
  • Secured Facilities
  • Spas
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Hotel Guest Rooms

Qt Quiet Technology™ Sound Masking Products

DAB Communications is proud to be an authorized distributor of the Qt Quiet Technology™ sound masking product line. We offer four different models to create a customized sound masking solution based on your business size and needs.

The Qt 100 is ideal for smaller, single zone spaces of up to 12,000 square feet. View Specs

Key Features:

  • 1 zone, 120 emitters
  • 1 audio input for paging or music
  • Integrates with emergency paging systems
  • Front panel control with LCD
  • iOS configuration app

The Qt 300 is ideal for medium sized, one or two zone spaces of up to 36,000 square feet. This system includes monitoring software to control the module via a TCP/IP connection. View Specs

Key Features:

  • Up to 3 zones, 360 emitters
  • 2 audio inputs for paging or music
  • Front panel control with LCD
  • Panel lock (hardware)
  • Four uncorrelated masking channels

The Qt600 is ideal for medium to large multi-zone spaces of up to 72,000 square feet. This system includes monitoring software to control the module via a TCP/IP connection. View Specs

Key Features:

  • Up to 6 zones, 120 emitters per zone
  • 2 audio inputs for paging and music
  • Integrates with emergency paging systems
  • Built-in clock with time-of-day scheduling

Increased Speech Privacy

Sound masking is a cost effective way to boost speech privacy. The table below shows the effectiveness of common types of acoustical treatments. In this example, increases in ceiling tile quality relates to increased absorption, taller cubicle partitions relates to increased blocking, and the implementation of direct field sound masking relates to the increased coverage. The office environment in this example features 8’ ceilings and 10’x10’ cubicles.

After implementation, direct-field sound masking is the most effective and budget friendly solution for delivering increased speech privacy while reducing conversational distractions.

Avg. Privacy
No 48″ .50 58.83%
No 48″ .95 73.79% $$
No 80″ .50 81.50% $$$
Yes 48″ .50 87.25% $


Improved Worker Performance

Reduced distraction and increased comfort lead to improved results. In a series of laboratory experiments conducted between 2006 and 2008, researchers examined the effect of speech intelligibility on task performance. This two-year study measured participants’ short-term memory recall in a typical open office environment without sound masking versus the same environment with sound masking deployed. The researchers found an 8.7% increase in the participants’ ability to recall a series of numbers and a 7.8% increase in recollection of words in the environment with sound masking.

Reduced distractions not only equate to improved worker performance, it also translates into an increase in productivity and less wasted time. Contact us today for more information, a free quote, or to request service.