Why Choose DAB Communications?

DAB’s Skills & Experience: Bonded & insured, the average communications equipment experience of our team is 20 years. Our jobs are done right the first time.

DAB’s Industry Experience: Our customers compete in a range of industries and their communications systems are critical to growing a successful business. We take pride in being a key supplier to a full range of business and professional office environments that include: hospitals, physician offices, banks, restaurants and manufacturing facilities. Our customers are located across Northeast Ohio and range in size from large multi-national corporations to private practices and privately owned smaller family businesses.

DAB’s 24 Hour Responsiveness & Solution Focus: You can count on DAB 24/7! We are available for emergencies and around the clock support 24 hours a day. We strive to meet the dynamics of a competitive market our customers face. We support unique designs and timely delivery of office communications equipment.

DAB’s Quality: In cooperation with our equipment suppliers, our team and our customers, our processes are designed to follow the highest standards. In cooperation with our customers, we strive to identify ways to exceed these standards based on the increasing demands of the market and our customers.

DAB’s Capabilites: Our flagship product is Samsung OfficeServ; however, we continue to advance our capacity and capabilities by investing in the latest training from Samsung, Nortel, AVAYA, Cambridge Sound Management and others.

DAB’s Network of Resources: If you need an answer we will help you find it. We strive to build and maintain relationships, share knowledge and best practices with the best in our industry with the goal of serving our customers.

DAB’s Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide the highest quality dependable service in a courteous and timely manner to all our customers, regardless.

DAB Communications, We help you communicate!